Friday, December 14, 2012

Another School Shooting

Another school shooting.  This time kindergartners killed in Newtown CT at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. 28 dead, including 10 students between the ages of 5 and 10 years, just babies.

When will it end??

My own opinion,

We took God out of the schools.  What was wrong in prayer in schools?  In my class, we had one student who left the room for prayers and pledges.

 We took spanking and other forms of punishment out of the schools. Today, they have suspensions for punishment.  Reading a book in school suspension is NOT a punishment for a kid who doesn't want to be in class anyway. Out of school suspension is a greater reward, they can run all over town during those 3 days off.

We introduced some rather violent video games to our youth, that reveal military and police tatics and reward our youth as they play, killing other players with high points and records to break.  What was wrong with pacman??

Our kids have facebook, cell phones, texting and ways to communicate and keep things stirred up after school and during weekends and breaks. My generation had a spat at school on Friday and you forgot about it over the weekend unless you bumped into that kid somewhere over the weekend.

If we did wrong, we were punished at school AND at home, and home punishment was something to be feared....... Now, most parents don't even care.

Many schools now hand out birth control in the nurses office, and take girls to planned parenthood if they ask-without telling the parents.

In all my junior and senior high years, I recall 1 bomb threat (we had no internet to give instructions on how to build them), one smoke bomb set off in the boys upstairs bathroom, one pig let loose in school, and an angry math student spilling Cinnamon oil in the classroom of  the math teacher who was allergic to it, a few fights and a couple food fights. No weapons, despite half the pickups in the parking lot had a loaded rifle on the back window gun rack, and every male almost carried a pocket knife.

My generation survived it just fine!!

When you talk God out, it allows room for other things to come in.

Another sad day in America.

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