Monday, August 27, 2012

FREE creation workshop for homeschoolers in Holt MO

Creation Workshop for Homeschoolers and their Families

Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution

Come join us for a free* workshop on why the Bible is correct and Science is wrong about creation.  We will be viewing the Christian DVD series “Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution”.  It is an excellent and colorful DVD, with numerous examples, easy language, and new evidence as to why creation DID take place as the Bible says it did in Genesis.  This is going to be a learning class, to give us answers and help provide our kids with some armor for when they are questioned about their beliefs in college and life.  This is NOT to be a debate.
This workshop will be on Friday Sept 7 in Holt MO at the Holt Christian Church, corner of 2nd and Franklin.   We will begin at 9 a.m. and be done no later than 3 (probably closer to 2-depending on discussion, visiting and questions).  Please bring your own sandwiches and ALSO a potluck dish to share.  (Access to full kitchen)  PLEASE NO PEANUTS OR NUTS DUE TO SOME WITH SEVERE NUT ALLERGIES.    I will provide cups and plates, ice water, Kool-Aid and tea.

We will begin at 9 a.m. with introductions, then view the first half of the DVD series.  We will break for lunch for an hour, to give everyone time to eat, visit and wiggle.  Then, we will clean up our lunch mess and view the 2nd half.  I will have worksheets for the kids as well.  Since we have some who are traveling quite a distance, it was decided to do it in one session.

If your kids want to bring a game for the break time, that is fine-weather permitting they can go outside, as we have a fenced playground, and also a grass lot that is kept mowed they can play on as well.  If it is raining (yeah if it is!! We need it) they could play board games inside.

This would be best understood for probably grades 6 and up.  However, even the younger ones will enjoy watching the animals in the videos and learning about them.  I would like all the kids to please read the creation (first 2 chapters of Genesis), before the class.  The older kids could outline what happened on what day, and the younger kids could make a picture of their favorite creation day.
There is a nursery that opens into the sanctuary, it won’t be staffed, but the parent can easily sit in the doorway of the nursery and still see the video.

I’d like an RSVP with the number of attending to ensure I have enough chairs set up and drinks.  You can RSVP by sending me a comment,

*This is a FREE event, but if you care to drop something into the offering plate to help with the utilities that day that’s fine-if not, that’s fine too!

Holt Christian Church is a nondenominational Christian Church.    Should you get lost the morning of, the church number is 816 320-2276.  However, Holt is a town of 294, so you should not get too lost!

Since this photo was taken, the church has added a sign.  The playground is to the left of the photo, and is fenced with a wooden fence.  33 hwy is on the otherside of the playground.  So, as you enter Holt from either direction, just look for the playground and turn there!!


Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Will let you know as time gets closer, but will try to attend this one.
I always thought it would be nice if various talented people offered one day workshops in their field for kids to explore. I grew up attending them--I remember a workshop on geology and rocks, one where we used microscopes to study various items, and one on the Civil War, where Abe Lincoln visited us.

April said...

Hope you can make it--right now it looks like we will have a full house!
I have also thought of doing more--will see how this goes over. I have several on my list--one is microscope use, but would need more than the ones we have, and the Civil War, and Vietnam War.