Monday, August 13, 2012

Alpha Omega SOS Update & Hummingbirds

We started using the Alpha Omega computer based software this year for our homeschooling.  We started early this summer with a couple of electives- high school health and Missouri State history.  Those went smoothly, so I went ahead and bought (used from Ebay, several years old, and a fourth of the new price) the core subjects.

So far, for the most part, it is going well.  Elizabeth is having a few issues-computer wise, but we like it.  And, it is also improving their computer and keyboarding skills as well.  To check for updates and revisions, I simply click a button and two minutes later any are automatically downloaded.  Very simple.  It also does all the scoring and grade work for me, and gives the girls feedback as to how they are doing.  At this point, I'd say I would give it a high recommendation.

We will be adding a few more electives in after the current ones are finished.

We are also working on electives from Amanda Bennett.  One of those is 2012 election.  Very timely as we go through the election process.  The Amanda Bennett electives are more affordable at only around $15 each.

This afternoon Emily and I put up a hummingbird feeder.  I have not had one on the porch since we moved into this house ( had one under a tree in years past, but not at the porch), yet a hummingbird keeps coming to a spot just outside one of my living room windows.  He has been coming several times a day for last couple of weeks, so I finally got a feeder up.  20 minutes after the feeder was up, he came back, and Rebecca got some pictures of him with her camera.  As time goes on and he gets more used to us we can probably get a closer picture.

Now we will probably do a short lesson on humming birds, so we know a little bit more about our new guest.

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