Monday, July 9, 2012

Planetarium in St Joseph MO is open to the public

On a personal note, our family has visited here a couple of times.  Some of the shows, do support evolution, so please screen them (the descriptions are very accurate).  They are high quality and you feel as if you are flying thru space as you watch them....

IF YOU GET MOTION SICKNESS....You might not want to watch the roller coaster thing at the end of the videos----its cool to watch, but my stomach had issues.

You must be on time, as the door is locked at show time.  YOU CANT GET IN IF YOU ARE LATE.  The room is darkened, seats recline and if someone opens the door to the lighted hallway, it ruins it, so late entries are prohibited.....

MWSU has an amazing planetarium.  It was recently remodeled, and stocked with an amazing array of awesome educational shows!

Check out the planetarium's website for details on shows, dates, tickets, contact info!

A great way to include science education in a fun "theatre" experience!


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