Friday, July 6, 2012

Fair, July 4 and Camp

Late June thru the first week of August is one of our business times of the year.  Its hay season, science camp,  church camp, Girl Scout Camp, CIY ( Christ in Youth), County 4H fair, July 4, family reunion and gardening.

Part of the girls 4H projects have already been turned in, but we still have the small animal show to go along, with the speech contest.

Sunday afternoon Em leaves for church camp again (so far she has done one week as a camper and one week as a helper), and the twins start Girl Scout camp as helpers for the younger scouts.
So, it will be quieter around here this week.

The garden is doing well, but we are having to water the beds every other night.  We did have a setback with some giant green worms eating the potato plants, but we overcame them...

Emily painted this bale for the July 4th party we had.  The bale sits by the edge of our long driveway as you enter.

Ugly hungry beasts...We picked them off, used one application of sevan dust and haven't seen any since.  Five of them stripped my potato plants in less than 9 hours. 
July 4 we had our church, my family and my husbands family up for a cookout.  Our county is under a no burn order, so fireworks were very much limited--to stuff on the ground.  But all the kids still had fun.

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