Saturday, July 21, 2012

An Update on the Westboro Baptist Church and Edgerton MO

I have had several ask me for an update on the Westboro Baptist Church scheduled visit to Edgerton MO to picket the Celebration of Life service for the sisters who were murdered.

Hundreds of people showed to block the protesters from Westboro.  However, Westboro did not show up (they had on their church website they were coming).  Either they realized they would be blocked or, they went elsewhere.  (I saw on one news site that they were going to Aurora Colorado to picket the mass shooting that occurred at the movie theater. )

I can't help but wonder what these people are thinking.

If one of their own dies (if one hasn't already, at some point one will-no one lives forever) do they picket their own funeral?  Or do they disown the person?  Or do they lay the blame on the doctor involved or someone else?

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