Thursday, March 19, 2009

Surprise tomorrow

Early tomorrow morning we leave for our JBQ districts in Springfield MO. We have a cooler all packed with snacks, drinks and a couple of meals. We plan to eat out only 1 time. The hotel we are staying at is supposed to have a kitchen we can use. 3 times now I thought I had us all packed, only to have someone bring down something else they forgot to pack. I guess they are missing the fact we are only in the hotel for 1 night???? Do we really need all the stuffed animals and sweet blankies?? YES. Because if they don't sleep without them, I don't sleep.....

What the girls don't know, is that we are actually leaving 2 hours earlier than the rest of the team. (The rest of the team is in Centerview/Warrensburg MO, so we stop there first). We did a unit on caves and Missouri geology, and as a surprise we will stop at Fantastic Caverns outside of Springfield on the way down. The girls have never been in a real cave before, so it will be quite the treat for them. Fantastic Caverns is a neat cave that you ride through. Little to no walking is involved. I haven't been there since I was a kid, and I loved it. The tour takes about 50 minutes. If I remember correctly, I think you also watch a short film before going in.

By the time we are done with our tour, we should pull back on to highway 13 about the same time that the rest of the team drives by. I plan on waiting to tell them till morning, or maybe even wait until we turn off at the exit to the cave.

We have to be to districts no later than 6 pm, so 2 hours to Warrensburg, an hour layover to visit Grandparents (and probably eat at Grandmas) and show off the trophy from last week (we have to turn it back in this weekend-each team member gets the team trophy for a short time to show it off), then 2 hours on to Springfield, visit the cave, a buzz by the hotel to check in and eat, then we quiz. Needless to say, we will be leaving no later than 7:30 or 8:00, and I have 2 other short errands to run on the way there.

Sadly we will miss homeschool coop tomorrow as a result, but I have a couple of great teachers aids that are filling in for me. Thanks Cerise and Stacy!!

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