Tuesday, March 17, 2009

3 days until spring

It was 88 degrees today according to the thermometer on the south side of our weather station. The girls got spring fever and decided this afternoon to put up a tent in the front yard. Their camping days may be short lived however, as tomorrow it is supposed to be cooler with a chance of rain. It seems like every time they put it up it rains. JD reminded me of the time they put it up on a day much like today, and an hour later a storm came through and we had a tornado. My little Girl Scout daughters took the tent back down in record time and made it inside just before the storm hit. Hopefully that won't repeat itself today.

Our old black lab spent most of the day just laying around in the sun, soaking it up. Our little beagle however, spent part of her day on the chain, after she got caught playing tag with a chicken. She wasn't playing fair and letting the hen have her turn.....

We have one interesting and rather entertaining hen that was given to us by some friends from church. Apparently, no one ever told her she is a hen. She follows us everywhere, including trying to get into the car, the house, the tent....just like having another kid around!

Since this was the first really nice day, we cut lessons short today. We did our math and history. Later tonight we will watch a science video. We are watching a good video series "Animals that Defy Evolution"

I noticed in the yard my lilacs are budding and my live-for-evers, and irises are coming up. Friday is the first day of spring and they are right on time. The grass is starting to green up. Hopefully we will only need to feed hay to the cattle and horses a couple more times until the grass is tall enough.

Since the weather was good, we finally got the windsock mounted.

I went into town today and bought our food supplies for our upcoming trip to Springfield for JBQ. I made up a big batch of trail mix to eat on the road. We are supposed to have a small kitchen to use at the hotel, so that will save us from eating all meals out. In my trailmix (I never make it the same way twice..)I have Cheerios, small pretzels, m&m's, peanuts, sunflower seeds, dried cherries, apricots and cranberries, milk choc chips, and popcorn. While was in town, JD made up some corn beef and cabbage in honor of St Patricks day.

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