Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Storm damage

According to our rain gauge we received .75 of an inch yesterday. According to our wind sock in the front and the wind gauge in the back, we had 50 mph winds coming from the south. That would explain why the farm looks like it does right now. The north fence line is covered in trash. We have several large branches down, meaning the Lord has blessed us with more firewood. The birch tree has a broken branch, yet in a nearby tree a birds nest with baby birds is fine. Before the storm even started, the wind also picked up my garden work table, made of heavy plywood and smashed it against the swingset, bending it, and then on top of a wood bench, and smashed that. After the official storm start (according to the TV weather) is when we got the trees knocked down. We were under a tornado watch for awhile, but it never went into a warning. I knew it was going to be windy, as the chickens all went in early. They don't care for the wind at all.

Yesterday before the weather hit, we went into town and bought a storm door and some horse raddish to plant. We eat a lot of horse raddish and it is easy to grow. In fact, if you don't watch it, it will take over, like garlic does. What I am thinking of doing, is cutting a metal barrel in half, length-wise and burying it, then filling it with dirt. I will put the garlic in one and the horse raddish in the other. That will prevent them from taking over the farm. I am going to get some other herbs going this year also. I had a small herb garden before I moved here, and I miss it.

The girls worked some more on their geology unit today, and we watched a video about the geology of Missouri. Later we will do some more work on the US Presidents and of course our math, spelling and reading. A lot of our homeschooling is done in "split shifts".

We also check the history channel schedule daily. This morning we watched a program about Lincoln and Booth with fit right in as the girls just finished reading about Lincoln a couple weeks ago.

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