Sunday, March 1, 2009

I wished for a garden and got snow instead......

Not quite what I had in mind. Saturday we got 6+ inches of snow. The wind was blowing so we also have drifts. Some drifts are 12 inches, some are 36 inches, and some come halfway up the barn. The only way we can get in and out is with 4 wheel drive. My little 4 cylinder car is sandwiched between the garage and a 3 1/2 foot drift. Its not going anywhere.....I thought I would clear off some snow with the bobcat, but its so cold the battery is dead. So, I am staying in where it is warm. JD and I are having to share his truck when we go out. I have decided though we will not venture back out tonight for youth group. The county roads have not been cleared, and there is a 4x4 truck stuck at the end of our road. Thankfully 4H which normally is the first Sunday was changed to next week for this month.

The kids on the other hand, are outside sledding. The cold doesn't seem to effect them unless it is chore time! Yesterday they even had the dogs going down the hill on sleds.

Orginally I had thought that Saturday or today we could plow the garden. HA. I never do manage to get the potatoes planted on March 17.

The produce from last years garden is about gone. I used the last of the bell peppers a few nights ago (chopped and frozen). There is just a little zuchinni, green beans, waxed beans, and okra left in the freezer, and a few jars of green beans, and the pantry. There is also a little applesauce, jelly and jam left, but not much. So, its time to plant again.

Yesterday the girls and I started a new series of history in our homeschooling. It is a 2 week series, but we will probably finish it early as they really liked it. It is about Colonial America. Last night we learned all about Ben Franklin. Did you know one of his inventions that usually is not credited to him, was scubba flippers???


Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

I hear you! SNOW!! I am so ready for Spring!
I am going through my heirloom seed catalog. Where do you get your seeds from? I think I am going to start my tomato seedlings this week. Where do you buy your potato to plant from. We feel so citified! This is our first attempts a a garden!

April said...

I usually get seeds from Henry Fields. My live plants I like to get from Windy Hill--our local nursery. Its out in the country in Plattsburg MO-they operate it only in planting season and start and grow their own plants. As for the potatoes, some years I use what is in the kitchen to start! Other years I have bought eyes from our feed store, D-Tone. But through out the spring and summer, anytime I have a potato start to sprout I throw it in the potato patch in the garden.
The last few years I have planted my potatoes in straw in a chicken wire square. It is easier to dig!