Saturday, December 20, 2008

This is for Friday

I just noticed...Fridays entry is not here..So, I will put it in now. Maybe I can even figure out how to get it in the proper place...maybe..

Friday we worked on school work and then went to our 4H wrapping meeting. This party had been rescheduled several times due to weather. Our 4H group had adopted a family for Christmas. Everyone chipped in and brought the gifts and we all wrapped them together. Then we delivered them to the family. My daughters really got an eye full. I never made a comment to them, but they brought it up on the way home themselves. They had already been told that the family didn't have much money and that was why they were being adopted. But, they picked up on stuff during their visit, and quizzed me about it. This is what I heard on the way home.

"If they were so poor, where did they get the money for all those cartons of cigarettes they had?"

"Did you see their TV? It was a flat screen plasma and it was huge"
"Forget the TC, did you see how many DVDs and movies they had? They had more than the library has"

"Mom-why do you think they bought that TV instead of fixing the holes in the floor and walls. Snow was coming in through one of them"
"Maybe that was why they had the huge pile of dirty clothes (really huge-touched the ceiling) in the living room. Maybe it was covering up another hole"

"Did you see all those cats?? Boy did it smell bad in there"

But the killer was this one..."Mom, soap really doesn't cost that much does it?? and it doesn't cost anything to be neat and clean...I guess that is why mom makes us clean up our messes...we are lucky. I think they just had their priorities wrong".

Out of the mouth of babes..

It really was bad. Very similar to what you see on some of those TV shows.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I think that's why I struggle with the idea of adopting families that need help. I might drop off a toy or food in collection bins, but to adopt a whole family, spend a bunch of time & money, and then drop it off to see that they have wasted money on wants and not needs - well, it would just make me furious! I realize it is not the children's fault that their parent or parents have messed up priorities, and they might go without presents, but the whole idea of the parents asking for handouts just irks me. Anyhow, I think what you did is wonderful, and I think it's a great project for children to be involved with, regardless.