Tuesday, December 16, 2008

15 degrees and holding

It is cold. Very cold. I don't know what the windchill is, but at least it is not as windy as it was a couple of days ago. It has been snowing for over 24 hours now. We probably have around 3 to 4 inches. The snowfall has lightened up, but it is still coming down. Two 4H events scheduled for tonight were cancelled, a homeschool gingerbread house making party, as well as the public schools around here. However, homeschooling goes on!

The girls have been making snow cream. They got from a Caroline book (a series of books about Laura Ingalls mother when she was a child ). To make it, they get a bowl of CLEAN snow, and drizzle maple syrup over it and wait for it to harden. It comes out like candy.

We had to make a trip to town tonight. Our beagle puppy chewed through (as in two peices) a heavy duty electic cord between the barn and the chicken coop. It was plugged in at the time, and had the chickens heat lamp on it. For some reason the dog was not injured, and does not seem to have gotten burned. (I wonder if a dog has 9 lives like a cat??) S0, we had to make a trip in for another electric cord and an extra stock tank heater. When the weather is like this, we always try to keep an extra cord on hand. The cows sometimes chew through the cords on their heaters as well.

To get out, we had to take the 4x4 truck. Boys and their toys. JD kept slidding around while driving. The girls would ask is the road that slick or are you playing, and each time he would answer "a little of both". We met few cars on the road, but a lot of sand and salt trucks.

I managed to win an auction off of ebay. For some reason, no one has size 4 snow boots in stock. But we received a notice that they are in route, so the twins should be set (they had one pair between the two of them).

The girls have been busy making jewerly that they want me to post. So soon I will get those pictures on here.

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