Monday, December 15, 2008

Hunting for a honeyman

Last year I had it arranged for a "honeyman" to set up some hives here at this farm, and at our other farm in exchange for some honey. Then he disappeared. Later I saw online an obituary for someone of the same name, so it is possible it is the same man. It would explain why he never came back and why the phone number gave me a disconnect recording. Anyway, I am again searching for a honeyman. I have been doing some studying on bees, and I think we have a place they would like. This location has a creek in the back, 2 ponds, an orchard and vineyard, and lots of shade and clover. Our other farm also has water, shade and clover, but no orchard. If I were a bee, I would be happy here. If I don't find one, I am thinking of getting a couple of hives and trying it myself in 2010. It is a little late I think to enter it for this coming spring with no prior experience, and no equipment.

I have started the garden plan for next year and I am changing the rows to north and south rows. I think this will give a little better air flow, and I will be able to see down the rows from the house-so I can tell when a chicken is in the garden, and I can see through it to the pasture. I am not going to put my herbs in rows this time, but in raised beds.

I also have decided that I am going to put the strawberries in raised beds this next year up by the orchard. I am thinking of putting them near the grapes and blueberries.
Right now it is 9 degrees outside. Hard to believe just 5 or 6 months ago we were complaining of the heat and the kids were swimming in the front pond...

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