Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Program

The program, as usual, went very well. The musical was "A King is Coming". The plot was that the town of Rumersville was alerted that a king was coming, but they didn't know who it was. Some thought it was Elvis, some King Tut, some King Kong....but, instead it was Jesus. Our preachers wife, Jeanette does the job of director each year and is very good at getting the kids organized and it always falls together well.
(Elizabeth and Rebecca were in the play, however Emily was not. But she did help decorate and paint the set.)
Speaking of falls... my email has fallen apart. Don't know what I did, but all of todays incoming mail went into the spam folder.....I drug it all out, but too late and too tired to answer it all tonight. I don't know why it went there, but I sent myself some test mail and think I have it fixed now. I guess it was better than all going to the trash folder and being auto dumped.

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