Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Science Expo Coming Up

After I hosted the Creation Workshop, I started getting more and more request for other workshops, specifically in the areas of science and history.  So, this spring, I will be hosting a Science Expo.

Basically this will be open for all homeschoolers (and their parents).  Each student (or each family if they don't want to do more than one) will prepare an exhibit, collection, display or experiment to show.  We will set them up by category, and view them.  Then, we will all sit and one at a time let the contributors explain to the group their item.  Depending on how many show up, we will allow each person from 3-10 minutes to "show and tell" what they brought.

Most likely entries will not be judged--this is to be a learning workshop, not a competition.  Of course, any entries that have already been entered into previous science fairs are more than welcome.  Parents can also bring something of interest.

Like the Creation Workshop, we will all bring our own sandwiches for lunch, and a potluck item (salad, desert or dish) to share.  We will take a 45 or 60 minute lunch break.  Parents can visit and kids can run off energy.  Then, we will finish.

Most likely it will be held at my church in Holt MO, during April or May, but I need to work out the details (date) with our minister first.  Don't panic, Holt is only about 12 minutes from Liberty, just north on I35.  It is very easy to get to, and a very small town, and the church is easy to find.  If time allows, we can "possibly" also get in a fire station visit as well.  But, I need to first nail down the date before I can schedule this with my fire chief.  The fire station is just one block from the church, and we could easily walk to it.

So, stay tuned for the date, and more information.  Meanwhile, start thinking of ideas!!!

Ideas could include:  rock collection, poster on the heart, how a fire extinguisher works, microscope with slides for others to view, ant farm, how do seeds sprout, experiments......  Use your imagination!

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