Friday, March 22, 2013

If we make it through March.....

The last two months have been crazy around here.  The husband has been having overtime like crazy, and several of the licenses I hold come due during Feb and March.  Renewing licenses means taking classes, most of which were cancelled or rescheduled during the snow storms.  One of my classes was rescheduled 3 times.  March is also the month I re certify and train for working at Kansas Speedway.

My last 2 "big" classes are this weekend, and then I have some more through April 2.  After this weekend however, they will slow down.  I have had weeks were I was either a student or teaching every day of the week.

My husbands overtime also will be (hopefully) slowing down starting next month.

Of course, we have to have another snow storm thrown in to the mix.  It is supposed to possibly start later tonight.  My class on Sunday is in Kansas, so it may be a 4 x 4 trip depending on how much snow we get.  Hopefully we don't get as much as the weatherman says.  If it snows over a certain amount, my husbands employer keeps him at a nearby hotel since he is considered an essential employee.  (I consider him an essential husband, but since I don't pay the bills, they win on this one...

The kids are also ready for spring and warmer weather.  We are wanting to do some riding, and get going on the garden and lawn.  But until then, we have the dreary cold days of winter....spring.

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syds1girl said...

That's a busy schedule for sure. I hope you didn't get TOO much snow in that storm. We're ready for Spring in VT too. Today it really looks like it may be here. The sap is running, as it had stopped for two weeks with our latest cold snap. The mud is back and things are dripping - good sign! Hang in there!