Monday, March 4, 2013

Not much help....

Since the snow storm, we have been driving our 4 wheel drives on the few days we could get out.  Driving a 4x4 takes a lot of fuel, let alone 3 of them going 3 seperate directions.....Today its halfway warm, and the snow is melting.

First, I went to dig out the Monte Carlo.  It is free of the snow, but stuck in the mud now...But I think after the ground refreezes tonight we can get it back onto the driveway.

Then I moved over to my car.  I got tired of digging my car out....(I was silly and tried to back it out a drift that had settled down to the back window--originally it was higher than my car).  I had this dumb idea that if I punched it real real hard, she might just go right thru the drift.  She didn't.  I asked for help, and this is what I got.....

Nutty dog......He wasn't much help at all

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