Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Scholarship info for Seniors

This is scholarship info for seniors who have an account at Community America.  I have been told they do this yearly--many banks and credit unions do.  So, you may want to check with your own credit union or bank, or have your child start an account here.  To enter this scholarship contest, they must have had an account for 6 months.  So, for kids graduating after this year, you might consider having them start an account here.

Other places do yearly scholarships as well, such as electric co-ops and other utilities, Kohls, 4H and scouts.  Many employees have them for the children of their employees.

I have heard the argument that homeschoolers can't get scholarships.  That is not true.  I have known many who have received them, including one of my daughters (Kohls).  Hunt around, and you will find them!

Many scholarships require some volunteer work, along with good grades, and often participation in certain organizations--such as being in 4H for a 4H scholarship, or belonging to the bank, if it is from the bank, or the child of a veteran......

Normally, you want to start researching for scholarships early, as most have a deadline--I suggest 1-2 years before their senior year.  Some you can apply for early, some you need to wait until their senior year for.  But, by locating them early, you know where to return and what the deadlines are.

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