Monday, February 11, 2013

Thrifty Parsonage Living

One of my favorite blogs that I follow (I follow around 50, but not every day) is Thrifty Parsonage Living.  As I was growing up, my father was a preacher, and for awhile we lived in a parsonage.  So, I suppose that is what originally attracted me to this blog.   Right now, Joy is in the process of moving cross country.  Moving involves time, so during her move she invited several of us to write for her as a guest blogger so she could devote her time to moving.  My post appeared on Feb 8.  You can see it here.    Check out her blog.  It is full of thrifty ideas on decorating your home for the seasons and holidays.  I do mean thrifty.  Many of her items are from thrift shops--so she shops like I, and many of you, shop.

This weekend, I took a 24 hour class.  It is time for me to renew my National Registery for my EMS work and one of the requirements is that we take a certain number of continuing ed credits and a refresher class.

My options for this 24 hour refresher class were to drag it out over several weeks at a few hours each day, or have one weekend of class with the class all crammed into a couple of days.  Since I have to travel to the class, and considering the time, distance and price of fuel, I opted to take it in as few trips as possible.  So, this past weekend I got it out of the way.  It was rather weird as I missed church and I rarely miss church.

Two days before my class (when I was trying to study for it) we had dryer lint ignite in the dryer vent hose, and water come into the basement....So, instead of having a couple days of studying, I spent time on basement cleanup.

Much of my furniture is pine, a pattern from Broyhill called Torreon.  On a facebook swap shop, in a town just down the road from me I found a peice to match my pattern.  This morning we went and got it.  It is designed to be either an amouir or a TV stand, but we plan on putting it into the school room in the basement and having it store the microscopes, science equipment and such.  Its an $800 peice and the gal only wanted $75 for it, so I did very well.  I am glad the husband was able to go as it is very very heavy.  I like it when I find those little inexpensive treasures!

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Anonymous said...

Nice post on her blog, and I love her blog--you are right, she does things within a thrifty budget and that are easy to copy!!
You made a good find on the furniture peice!