Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Lesson in Erosion

I found this photo several times last week--on facebook and also on pinterest.  It is for a study on erosion.  We will be doing this one soon.

Take 3 milk cartons or gallon vinegar jugs and cut as shown.  Then cut water or clear soda bottles as shown and loop over the spouts and secure well with tape.  Leave caps on tightly.   Add dirt to all 3 jugs, but keep the dirt level to just at spout level

In jug 1, plant a generous amount of  grass seeds or beans or some type of seed and let it sprout.

In jug 2, add some debris such as some sticks, rocks, bark and just few seeds.

In jug 3, just leave it as dirt.

Now, water, with a sprinkler or spray mist each jug.

Notice what enters the jug.  The one with plants allows less dirt as the plants and their roots help prevent erosion.  Compare it to jug 2 and jug 3.

This would be great for a science fair!

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