Thursday, February 14, 2013

NOT My Favorite Thing

Last week, we had a rather interesting week in the basement....First, we had a small fire in the dryer vent hose.....Then a leaky pipe....Then, it rained very hard and water came in we think, from under the foundation.  (It was a hard fast heavy rain after dry weather and the gutters couldn't hold it).

So, this week the younger twins and I have been on clean up duty.

I lost around 100 books.  That hurt, as I love my books.  But I still have over a thousand that survived...

Many other things didn't fare so well.  In one area of of the basement where it is basically storage, someone had taken some boxes off the shelving and stacked them.  Those boxes got wet and the stack fell over, breaking many items....

So now, we have added more shelving to the basement with the idea that everything in the storage area would be off the ground.  Things that are on the bottom shelf or under the shelves are now in rubber made totes.  Hopefully we won't have any more water issues, but if we do,  nothing else will be water damaged.

I also have been going through closets and boxes and listing outgrown clothes and unused items for sale.  Things like the net enclosure for the trampoline we no longer have, and duplicate books, photo album pages that don't fit our albums.....  So far, 1 large item is gone, and 2 other large items are getting picked up tomorrow, giving us more elbow room to get things sorted and moved around.

The worse of the flood is, it shorted out the deep freeze.  That will be this weekends project, getting that freezer emptied out..a job I am NOT looking forward to at all.  (can we say peeee-uuuu?)

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