Sunday, February 3, 2013

Do you have kids who want to volunteer??? KCMO area

This would be a great way for kids to volunteer by setting up clothing drives.

"Hello. My name is Tiffany Foreman and my daughter is Jessica Foreman, and we are both in charge of the clothing tent areas this year for the Kansas City Convoy of Hope. For those who might not have heard of KC Convoy of Hope, it is a group of over 40 local churches that come together to help serve a massive community need by offering FREE food, lunches, shoes, clothes, eye exams, dental care, medical exams, breast cancer assistance, job fair, a kids carnival, live entertainment, and prayer for those who come through the event. Last year they helped over 7,800 people and this year the projection is over 10,000.

We know that in years past this event has offered clothes for primarily women and that it was business attire. However, after we assisted last year in this tent area we noticed that there was a major need for everyday clothes for men and women and also children. We had so many mothers, grandmothers, and some fathers asking us if we had clothes that would fit their children and/or that would work for school, but there was little to none available. It truly broke our hearts that we had so little to offer and that so many of them left without having this need met.

So, this year when we were asked to take over the "Clothing area" I asked if we could have 2 tents, one for adult clothing and the other for kids clothes. What we are trying to set up now are clothes drives around the KC area at churches, businesses, and department stores. We are wanting to do this Saturday, March 2nd thru Sunday, March 17th, and then again starting Saturday, May 4th thru Sunday, May 19th. We are wanting to collect all types of clothing for all shapes, sizes, gender and ages. We are asking that the clothes are "Gently used" and "If you wouldn't wear it or put it on your child, then it shouldn't be donated".

We are needing to have the locations that are wanting to participate confirmed by February 8th for the February clothes drive and by April 5th for the May clothes drive, so we can give a complete list of participating locations to the TV stations, news papers, and have them printed on fliers. Please contact me via email at:   your church would like to participate or if you have any questions.

We would be happy to make arrangements with your church to set up a schedule for pick-up and we will furnish the tubs for the donation as well. Also, if you or any people in your church that would like to help or volunteer with this area at the KC Convoy of Hope, we would appreciate all the help we can get and you are more than welcome to give them my name, email and phone number as a contact.\

I appreciate your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

May God always bless your days
Tiffany L. Foreman
Jessica A. Foreman"

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