Thursday, January 24, 2013

We are Blessed-No Major Injuries

2 minutes before my alarm went off this morning, Emily called me very upset.  Seems her Ford Explorer and a deer and met, and it was NOT a friendly visit.  This is common in our neck of the woods, as deer are thick and deer hits are very frequent.  Every few miles you spot a dead one along the road.  But, this was her first deer hit, and first accident.

Urgent care didn't want to see her, as she had whacked her head a few times.  They don't like head injuries there, although to me it was more of a face injury.   So, I took her to the ER where they did nasal and back x rays.  Nothing is broken, but she has pulled a muscle in her back.  The same muscle she pulled a couple months ago and just recovered from.  Her nose is very swollen, and her chin is some as well.  The bruises are starting to come on.  Luckily, her teeth are OK, but her mouth was cut up from her braces. (her braces are due to come off in a few months and I was afraid of what may have happened there).

Tomorrow the insurance is sending someone out to look at the vehicle.  From what we can tell, she has a broken tie rod, front left fender is bent and bumper needs to be replaced.  Her new radiator is history.  We are praying they will NOT total it out.  Its a tank, and I want my girls to drive a tank.  It protected her during this accident.  If she had been in my little car, she would have been very seriously injured or dead.  The Lord was with her this morning, for sure.

Oh--the deer--not hurt-he kept on running......

For those of you in Missouri, you may be interested to know that there is a MO state law (statute 474.250 "exempt property of surviving spouse or minor children"), that states if a parent dies, at least one vehicle, owned by the deceased parent, upon request, can be pulled out of the estate, and put into the name of any unmarried minor children.  That vehicle then goes to the children, even though they may not be old enough to drive it themselves.  This is how my daughters got this vehicle.  This ensures whoever is taking care of the children has transportation for them.  I would think other states may have that law as well.  You have to ask the probate judge or your local license bureau-I'd start with the license bureau as they new more about it than the court did, and they are the ones with the paperwork and the list of documents you need to produce, such as birth certificates, death certificate and such (they won't volunteer that information to you, you have to ask about it).

When the girls got the vehicle, it had been sitting awhile, and then it sat awhile more here.  When Emily's 16th birthday got closer, my husband and Emily began to work on it to get it maintained--new plugs, new radiator, new tires, new belt, A/C work.....They did a little each month and when she got her license it was all done.  Now this.

This day is only getting weirder.  Now we have a hen repeatedly flying at the windows, trying to get inside because of the cold...All she has to do is get into the hen house or the barn......(bird brain?)

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~*~The Family~*~ said...

Praise God that she is okay and hope she will not be stiff tomorrow. We have the same problem with deer here, in fact we even said after hunting season this year "did anyone even get any deer."