Monday, January 14, 2013

Basic Car Info for Women

Years (many, many years) ago, I took a powder puff mechanics class.  I have used that knowledge many times.  It was a more extensive class (it was a 18 hour class over 3 Saturdays), but anytime a young lady can take something like this I recommend it.  No one wants their daughter broken down along the road...  This would be a fun couple of homeschooling life skill hours!
Ladies who are new drivers or ladies who need the basic information about vehicles, this class is for you. A class called Basic Mechanics of Autos for Independent Women will be held on Sunday, February 10th at 2 PM and again at 4 PM. This will be a hands-on class teaching about basic vehicle maintenance and mechanics. The classes will be given by Jeff and Amy Poole of A&J Poole & Sons Mobile Mechanic at 10375 NE Highway 69, Cameron, MO. Call any time to make your reservation at 816-632-5552. The fee is only $10.

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