Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Closet Crash

Yesterday and today we have had some much needed rain.  Along with the rain has come thunder and lightening, which has put our fence mending project that we had scheduled for today on hold.

Early this afternoon there was a crack of thunder, followed by a crash.  The crash came from our bedroom, so being the chicken that I am, I sent my husband in to check.  I thought a picture had maybe come off  the wall, but he informed me it was much worse.  After  following him in, he was right.

Our walk in closet system has come down a couple times on my husbands side the last few years.  (Although it was his side of the closet, I did have a few items on that side as well.)  It did it again today, for the 3rd time...  Hopefully the last time....  I went and got a steel pipe to replace the broken wood clothes rod.  Then, I discovered that when it was installed, it was all screwed into the sheet rock instead of the studs.  So, I added more screws into the studs.  I also added another support board, and another bracket to help hold the rod up.

I also went through and pulled out some clothes I haven't worn for at least the last year, and put them in the donate box, and found a couple of items I listed on e-bay.

The odd thing is, each time it has come down, its been storming outside.

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