Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wireless High Speed

I finally got fed up with our slow dial up. I had called our phone company many many times over the past 4 years since my husband had the internet installed, and each time we were told that it was all they offered in our area. Someday, the assured me, we would get better service. I so wanted it from them, as this is the company I worked for for over 21 years, and supporting them in turn, helped to support my retirement check.


I finally had enough. As homeschoolers, there were just too many things we were missing by not having a local library and by not having high speed. As a single being, I could nothing about the library, but I could on the internet. Some good friends of ours recommended we go wireless with isotech, Inc, out of Trimble MO. This week, it was installed. Wow. Gone are the days of turning on the computer, logging in, and then doing the dishes while it slowly slowly logs us on. For $49.99 a month, we can move quickly!! Next week, we will have the house phone and internet disconnected. The dollar amount will be about the same for what we just had put in. See if you are in the Clinton, Clay or Ray county area of Missouri. If you give them my name, I get a free month!!

Before, I could not even upload pictures for ebay or to send to family. Now, I can!! And, we can have up to 50 computers on it at the same time!

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~*~The Family~*~ said...

We use to have dial up and finally switched to a dish. It is a world of difference, we to would search for something, go do something else, bring up another page, go do something else and so on.