Saturday, March 19, 2011

Potatoes are in

Thursday is the day you are supposed to plant your potatoes, in honor of St Patrick. Usually, we don't get ours in until later in the year, but this year we got them in. As last year, I planted them in a raised bed, made out of 4 plastic pallents on end, formed to a square. They are wired together.

To harvest the potatoes, we will unwire a corner, and remove what we need. Next time, we will unwire a different corner.

My pallets have a layer of straw, then dirt, then straw and more dirt. My potato eyes are planted in those layers. All year long I will be adding to it, and this usually guarentees potatoes up through November or
December. The combination of straw and dirt lets the potatoes get the right amount of water and is easier to dig. The pallet squares are large enough that it also offers some insulation, so that they don't freeze.

My potato scraps from the kitchen never make it to the compost pile. Instead, they go into the potato square. Some of them also sprout and produce adding to our harvest.

Meanwhile, my kitchen cabinets and my master tub continue to house watermellon, pumpkins, garlic, squash, zuchinni and cantelop. Around April 1 I will get my lettuce, radishes, onions and greens going in raised beds outside.

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