Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Why can't little girls just be little girls?........

This was the subject of two different conversations I had with two separate women this week.  Why can't little girls just be little girls?  Society seems to be pushing them to "grow up" way to fast.  I don't know how it is with boys, but it sure seems this way with girls.

I think it is silly how girls, really young young girls scream over stars and singers.  Just like they did years ago with Elvis.....why?  Is one more screaming in the ground going to somehow make him notice them??  And, what if he does notice them??  Girls going nuts over some superstar that doesn't even know that that girl even exists.... 

Then there is the clothing issue.  I hate that girls run around with their bodies half exposed.  I feel it is immodest, and often times down right embarrassing.  I really don't care to look at someones daughters midriff, thighs or rear end.  In fact, no one really does except for some young men.  Really parents, when you allow your girls to go off like that, are you really wanting them to attract young men that are attracted to them only based on their half exposed bodies??  If you do, then you need your head examined.

Don't even get me started on swim suits.....  Why does 1/16th of a yard of fabric cost $32 for a swimsuit??  And, where is the rest of that suit???

So, you are probably wondering what got me fired up AGAIN on this subject (yeah, its not the first time...) Well, WalMart did.  The girls and I just came from WalMart.  Men and Dads, don't turn away from this one--if you are leaving this one up to your wives, I'll tell you, some of them aren't doing so hot at the job of dressing your daughters.  Have you taken a good look at them lately??

All I wanted was some undershirts or bras for a young girl.  Hey manufacturers--a 10-12 year old girl doesn't need padding a half inch thick on her bra!!!!  That isn't a part of her body she needs to be showing off!!!  Trouble is, you can't hardly find any that don't have the padding.  As for the girls undershirts??  They only come halfway down their midsection....so, we have to buy them from the boys department, and sweeten them up with some lace.

Why is society teaching them not to be happy with what they have, so they "pad " it???  It isn't right, and it isn't modest.

I'm tired as a mom, and a shopper, of not being able to find modest clothing unless I sew it.  And, sometimes the patterns aren't too easy to find either, so I have to create my own..(Thanks Mrs Swisher, Mrs. Denker and Mrs Reynolds for teaching me those skills back in the 70's).....

Let's quit pushing them to grow up.

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Suzanne - Daughter of the King said...

I agree! We are so careful where we get my daughter's clothes (and while extremely frugal - we don't shop at Walmart at all for her things!) I found a perfect bra for her at Dollar Tree. They are simple and are perfect for her age and only $1.