Saturday, May 22, 2010

Homeschool materials-Try Before You Buy

This is from an email from Floyd Bowlin on the FHS Region 3 loop.

Do you ever wish that you could really get a good look at a homeschool product before buying it? Sure, each company's ad says that it's the best, but you're still left wondering "Is it best for my family?"

With our new Homeschool Freebie Directory, you can find out for sure. We've pulled together over thirty different homeschool companies offering a wide variety of products for you to try. Just visit our online Freebie Directory page to learn how you can claim the freebies that interest you.

No strings attached.

You'll find new and exciting gifts in the 2010 Freebie Directory-from handwriting and reading products to science and math products, subscriptions, educational websites, unit studies, E-Books, art lessons, fun homeschool products, and more!

You're welcome to come back to the site as often as needed to check out all the offers. In fact, you have an entire year to explore and discover the many engaging resources and interesting products that are featured.

Everyone loves to try samples! Why do you think Sam's Club and Costco stores are such a hit? Surely we aren't the only ones who frequent the yummy sample tables? (We just love those scrumptious, tantalizing little eggroll thingies!) Having a "taste" truly is the way to try before you buy.

Here's more great news: There are plenty of freebies for everyone! Tell your friends and homeschool support groups so they, too, can enjoy the free gifts-no strings attached! What a fantastic way for them to discover new homeschool resources and products without having to actually buy anything! (Unless, of course, they want to.)

Maybe you're starting to think about curriculum for this fall. Why not try something new with these great freebies? You're sure to find something that will be a wonderful addition to your homeschool!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for the list :)
I am always nervous to buy something to try,Because I am not able to just blow money ,like most I am sure .
I wanted to add another company to that list ...Time4Learning offers a 2 week money back gurantee on thier "online Program" which I think is awsome!
Anyways just wanted to share one,Thanks again for the list ;)

~*~The Family~*~ said...

Thanks for the link!