Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Vickie Danner

Vickie Danner is a young mom who lost her battle to cancer on April 29. She leaves 7children behind whom she homeschooled. Vickie was a member of our homeschool coop.

For a child to loose a parent is a horrible thing. To add to it, her husband also got laid off at the same time as her death. Now, they are being foreclosed on. They need $200,000 by June 1.

A local Catholic radio station is hosting a drive for the family. If you can help or pass this information on to your church or local newspaper, please do. I am posting the website below.

No mom, no income and now no home. These kids need a break. If enough people see this and pass it on, we can help.

So far over $50,000 has been raised. (the webiste as of now has not been updated, but I just got off the phone with John, the site manager--he is enroute to the bank now with more funds and plans to update the site shortly). That leave $150,000 to raise. If we can spread this news to all homeschoolers nationwide, we can do it!

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