Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Tysa & Taylor

Today the older set of twins turned 23.
Happy Birthday Tysa and Taylor!!

Meanwhile, last night the younger twins decided to spend the night in the small tent. Bear in mind the small tent is a single man tent. Yet, they both managed to be in it for 12 hours with numerous stuffed animals, clothing changes, DVD player, a 103 pound lab and a beagle dog.

At some time during the night,the lab brought them 3 firewood logs. Now I don't think he wanted a fire, but that is what he plays fetch with and he evidently wanted them to wake up and play. The beagle had another game in mind. While the girls where sleeping she removed all their stuffed animals and deposited them down the driveway.

Two days ago the girls gave the beagle a new bone to chew on. She promptly buried it. The funny thing is as soon as we left the dog from watching her bury it, she dug it up and reburied it in a different spot. Apparently she thought we would steal it back. It has been a game for the girls to try and locate where she moved it to. So far they have not found its new home.

On the downside, my rental house back has a new unwanted occupant--a raccoon. Efforts to catch it from the walls have been unsuccessful. Tomorrow we are setting live traps and hope she will climb in to check them out. Any ideas on how to catch her are welcome!


Anonymous said...

Raccoons cannot resist marshmellows. try putting some in the live trap

~*~The Family~*~ said...

Happy Birthday to your twins! Love your dog stories. We have had luck catching raccoons with cat food mixed with a beaten egg.