Friday, February 26, 2010

Coop needs a new home

Things are starting to look up again-sort of. My dad was released from the hospital yesterday with no long term damage from his fall. He will be sore for awhile I would think.

Our 4H group is starting to work on their projects. Tonight the kids who are doing photography are meeting. In a couple weeks, more project groups will be starting as well. That just means we are getting closer to the fair and SUMMER!

The girls are working on their spelling words for the upcoming spelling bee. There are some pretty tough words on the list and some we have to look up, and others that we can not even find in the dictionary.

On the down size, our homeschool coop is not meeting this semester. Basically we lost the building we had been meeting in. So, our leadership team is trying to find us a new location before the fall semester starts. Meanwhile, we will try to meet with others every month or so to keep friendships active and for the kids to socialize some. It is sad that we lost the location we were at, as it was the perfect location. So, if anyone out there in the North KC/Kearney area has a large facility that will house around 400 kids plus their parents with rooms for classrooms, let us know!! We meet once a week. A large church or empty school would be perfect.

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