Friday, April 13, 2012

Rain, rain, go away

So much for planning on fixing fences this weekend.  Its not a heavy rain, but enough to make one not want to be out in it and this is the second day of it.

We have missed the last couple of freezes we were supposed to get, so the garden is still doing fairly well.  My strawberries are blooming, and my onions and chives are doing well.  The peas are just starting to come up as well.

It appears I will need to replant the carrots and lettuce, but I was sort of iffy on them anyway.  Duke (black lab the size of a small horse) dug up the carrots then rolled around in the carrot bed.  That didn't help any at all--if any come up, so much for my straight lines of planting!  But, the lettuce and carrots  were from seeds I found in the garage dated 2003.  So, really no loss there, and I think Duke learned a valuable lesson.  That is, don't do it when the Momma is watching, wait till she leaves so you can blame it on the cat or the other dog or a chicken...

In our homeschooling we have been concentrating on our spelling words as next month is the homeschool spelling bee.  The cat is also giving us somewhat of a biology lesson, as she is pregnant and due rather soon.

We also added 6 more baby chicks (in addition to the 9 we got a week before).  Eva (our calf) is growing and doing well.  She still loves to run and play with Duke, but she is now bigger than Duke.  I think Miss 54, the other expectant cow has lost her calf, so this one will be the only calf for now.

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