Thursday, March 8, 2012

Venturing Scouts in Liberty MO

The below is from my friend Maggie.  If you are interested, let me know and I can get you in touch with Maggie..........

I wanted to make you aware of a co-ed scouting program in Liberty, Missouri, Crew 883 (Hosanna! Lutheran Church, 2800 N Church Road, Liberty, MO----just 1/2 miles from Rogers and across from the new high school)
They meet every Tuesday at 7p.m.
This program is open to youth between the ages of 13 (out of the 8th grade) and 21.
We accept youth of all faiths/denominations.
Plus, this is a homeschooling friendly crew.
Venturing is a high adventure scouting program and the teens call all the shots which means the adults are there in a supervisory position.  Adults are always welcome, but are mainly needed for events to ensure safety.  Those adults who do attend are expected to have fun and let the kids run the show---mistakes, successes---the whole works!
This group is part of Boy Scouts of America as part of the Venturing segment so they hold all the same values of BSA.

Crew 883 earned the #1 Crew award for their district in 2011 and #1 troop or crew flag ceremony presenters in 2010.

Their members consist of a Gold Award recipient from Girl Scouting

2 Eagles

1 Ranger and Bronze Award earner in Venturing and several youth getting close to earning their awards.

+2 youth are heading down to Joplin on a mission trip and will pursue their Trust Religious Awards at that time
Our upcoming activities include spending the night in World of Fun and conducting a conservation project in the Cameron area.
In Venturing the awards are more secondary to the activities.  Venturing also understands that even though awards and activities are important, the youth are encouraged to go as far as they want to go without cutting into school, family, or religious activities.----This is a very flexible program in which the youth get to pick and choose.
The adult leader/crew advisor is a commissioner with Boy Scouts of America, a veteran of the military, and assisted in taking a crew the teens to Philmont last year.  (60+ miles of mountain backpacking bliss).  The crew advisor has also been actively involved in scouting programs for 13 years in various leadership positions.
FYI:  Crew members who belong to other scouting programs are encouraged to continue with them to soar high into Eagle, earn the Girl Scout Gold Award, and continue to support their home programs.   The same expectations extend to other scouting/youth organizations.
We invite your entire family to check us out sometime.

Please contact me with any questions or if you would like to attend.

Maggie Jackson
883 Crew Advisor
North Star Roundtable Commisioner
BSA Leave No Trace Master Educator
Philmont Trekker who wants to go back!
Former Girl Scout Leader and current mother of a Gold, Eagle, and Eagle in training scout.

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