Sunday, March 18, 2012

Garden update

Since I just returned from Joplin late Friday night, the potatoes didn't get planted on Saturday (Saint Patty's Day).  They are going to have to wait until Tuesday to get into the potato bed.

While I was in Joplin the last time, I dug up and brought home yucca plants that had taken over a yard at a house we were working at.  The homeowner considered them to be weeds and wanted them gone.   They now live along one side of my driveway to help slow down the snow from drifting onto the driveway.

This time, I brought home a grocery bag full of wild chives.  This afternoon after church and lunch, I got them planted into a 3 x 4 bed. Chives can take over quickly (like garlic), so they are best planted in a container or raised bed.

They are kind of whimpy right now, as they were in a bag a few days, but they will come back quickly.  They are a very hardy plant.

I also removed a layer of straw off of my 2 strawberry beds.  I added the straw before we left, in case it froze.  It didn't freeze, instead it was in the 80's....Unusual March weather.
Since the winter was so mild, I have volunteers coming up--onion, garlic, cabbage and broccoli.

Inside, my tomatoes are looking rather spindly.  They might pull out of it.  Also have peppers and leeks looking good!


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