Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year and a New Start

2012.  It is a new year, and a new beginning.  This year I didn't make much in the way of new years resolutions,  but, as usual, we will begin our read thru the Bible in a year program again.  Every time we read it, we find more we didn't remember reading before.  The plan we use is shown at

I also plan to finish up all the unfinished projects we have around here.  One chicken coop is insulated, the other is only 1/4 done. The chicken fencing is done, but not the gate, and we never got the poultry net on the top.  The kitchen is painted, but I never got the touch up work done or the curtains.  So, before new projects are started those need to be finished.  I am rather embaressed to admit I have a 9 year old project to finish....10 years ago I lost my home to a fire, and that included about 25 fabric gift bags.  I bought the fabric to make replacements, and only got about 3 made.  So, the past few days I have been working on finishing those up.  Then there is the mending pile, and one pile to donate and one to ebay.  So far, I have a good start on each of those piles.

We have been wondering what kind of year 2012 will be.  2011 sure had its ups and downs.  Mostly downs.  2011 left us with several deaths, including the loss of a baby, one of my cousins and my daughters father (my ex husband), the death of  friends, and watching my sister in law fight cancer. 

I have also been taught lessons on faith from my sister in law Debbie as she fights her battle, and from my friend Kelly and her family as her husband lost his fight to cancer only a month before her father passed.  

Lastly, I plan to update my blog more often.  I had been doing good until last October.  But, my goal is now at least 3 times a week--sometimes more, and I am sure sometimes it will be less.

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