Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More winter gardening done

Today the 2 youngest girls and I fertilized the potato bed, and 4 more raised beds.  We have one more existing raised bed to fertilize then all the existing beds will be finished.  After the fresh fertilizer has time to sit in the beds for awhile, I will add some more topsoil to the beds then work them together.

We will also be adding some straw into the potato bed, as last years straw has broken down, and it makes for easier potato digging.   The potatoes will be the first thing we put into the ground, typically on March 17, St Patty's day, according to tradition.

Then, next month we will be pruning the grapevines and adding crumbled sulfur cakes to the blueberries.  My blueberries havebeen struggling, and this last summer I put more in at a different location where they will be closer to the house and I will hopefully remember to water them.  I have a good friend who lives in southern Missouri who has prize winning blueberries year after year.  Last weekend I picked her brain, and she suggested the sulfur cakes to me.  Not sulfur powder, but cakes that you crumble.  So, will be trying that this year.

While working in one of the beds today, we noticed a couple of last years cabbages are trying to come back.  (We have had a very mild winter).  I think the fresh cow manure we added to that bed today will probably fry and kill them, but I will keep and eye on them just in case they do survive.  Both appear to have been frozen along the edges, but considering this is January....

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