Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Early spring???

It was in the 60's today--in January in Northern Missouri.  Wow.  I decided to take advantage and do some more outside gardening chores. 

First, I checked on our new calf, "Eva" and she is doing well.  She is quite a bit smaller than our black labs.  She and Duke (lab) played tag for awhile today.  Actually, Duke is a little bit scared of her, or maybe he is just scared of her momma, because she has horns, and her daddy because he is big...

At one point during their play, they actually touched noses.  It was cute, but didn't last long, as Duke ran off.  Maybe he realized he just kissed a girl.  With the white tip on her tail she is easy to spot when playing with the dogs.

I planted some tulips, daffodils, and iris bulbs today.  I hope it freezes soon as they have to have a freeze to bloom well.

JD got the bobcat out, and tipped over my compost for me.  We have a black Rubbermaid stock tank, that has a large hole in it.  We dump all our grass clippings, kitchen waste, fireplace ash, vacuum canister dirt, and produce scraps into it.  After he tipped it over, I spread some over the strawberries and a couple other beds.  Last week I had put cow manure in the empty beds, but not on the strawberries or blueberries as it would kill them. 

 You can tell how dark and rich it was.  Some of what was added to the compost tank last wasn't ready, so I just threw it back into the tank for next time.
I didn't completely clean out the beds from last year, as what is left is organic and will break down.  Of course when I start to plant in a few months, any large pieces will come out and go into the compost tank.

Then we took the bobcat up to the orchard and I had him dig up the stumps of two dead trees.  He had cut them down last year, but the stumps were still in the ground.
Both of the trees that died were apple trees and in the same row.  I will probably replace them with apple, and this year hope to add a couple more peach and cherry and maybe a couple pear trees as well.  He also put a t post next to a leaning cherry tree.  Later this week I will tie the tree to the stake with a piece of no good garden hose.  It is soft, wide and won't cut into the tree to hurt it.

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