Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Texas A&M

Since JD was taking classes at the fire school there, the girls and I decided to check out part of the campus.  The campus here houses the fire school, school of Medicine, Veterinary School,  airport, the George Bush Library and a lot more.  We spent several hours touring the fire school.  The school has scenarios set up for everything you could image.  There were downed planes, cars crashed into tankers carrying hazardous materials,  all sorts of chemical hazmat set ups, bunker and structure fire scenarios, and a lot more.  In the back is a whole other section called "Disaster City" which as the name implies, has set ups for all sorts of disasters.  Through out the training field, are outdoor classrooms and locker rooms.  It was a very interesting tour.  This is the field my husband goes to train at when his company sends him.

Brayton Field has the Texas Wall of Fallen Firefighters

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~*~The Family~*~ said...

That huge ring is cool, I would like to see that. Your whole vacation looks like such a good time!