Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Our Texas Vacation...

Piece of the Twin Towers

We just got back from our Texas vacation a few days ago. My husbands employer often sends him down to go to the fire school at Texas A&M, and this year, the girls and I tagged along. His classes were at College Station, so the first few days we hung around there and the girls and I entertained ourselves while he was in class. The hotel had a pool, so that was a huge plus, as it was on the warm side.

One afternoon we visited Veterans Park in Bryan. That is a park worth spending the day at. We were there for around 4 hours, and I have given the girls 4 hours of American History. In addition to the usual ball fields, the park also features a 'history walk'. It is a sidewalk that starts with the beginning of America, and ends at present day. If you follow the walk in order, you visit and learn all about our great country and its wars, achievements, inventions, and famous persons. The sidewalk has bricks in in that every few feet feature a different year, and tell what happened that year. Along the sides of the sidewalk, are statues and placards that tell of other events in that at same time frame. This park also features the Texas Wall of all fallen soldiers from the state of Texas, as well as a large piece of the twin towers. This is a park you definitely want to visit, and talk a sack lunch and drink with you--you will be there several hours to see it all.

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