Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Galveston Island, Texas

After our visit at NASA, our next stop was Galveston Island, Texas.  The drive there from the space station was less than an hour.  What we did learn real quick about Galveston is that the prices for lodging go up during the summer and on weekends., so plan your trip accordingly.   We ended up at Days Inn, which was less than a third of some of the hotels that were a little further south.  There were no rooms for under $100 on the weekend.

Had we planned ahead of time to go there (Galveston was kind of spur of the moment), I would have researched the area a little more.  There are so many things to see there, it is hard to pick.

We ended up spending the first day at the beach, as the girls had never been to an ocean beach before (only lake ones).-Well, Emily had, but she was only a few months old, so she didn't remember it.  The girls had fun and gathered a lot of shells.  It was red flag conditions, meaning the water was rough and you were not to go out more than waist deep. However, we found the beaches clean and no sign at all of oil.

JD had been there before and wanted to take us to a great seafood restaurant, Gaido's,  which was wonderful.  It is right across the street from the sea wall, so while you wait (expect a  90 minute wait) they give you a pager so you can go walk along the ocean.

We spent quite a bit of time at Seawolf Park, which houses two historic World War II ships – the USS Cavalla and USS Stewart.  Here, Emily ran into a very interesting gentleman, Dick Hoffman, who had served on the sister ship to the USS Stewart.  We spent quite a bit of time talking to him and asking him questions.

Be sure to take the free ferry, it starts where highway 87 ends, in the ocean, and takes you over to the peninsula, where highway 87 resumes.  On the peninsula, we visited historic Fort Travis.  Again, the girls got several more hours of American History.

On the peninsula, we noticed the sand is a different sort of sand, and the beaches have many many more shells.  I think we brought home half the sand and shells.

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