Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Notice I said Christmas as in CHRISTmas, not the holidays. They have taken Christ & God out of the schools, tried to remove him from our money and most public places, and now the movement is on to remove him from Christmas. What do people think Christmas is about? It is a celebration of his birth. How can you have a birthday party without the birthday boy? Someone didn't think this one through very well. We have several friends who are without jobs this Christmas season. One thing I have noticed however about the friends from our church and our homeschool coop is that those who have their lives centered around Christ are adapting well. I am not meaning materially, I am talking about their attitude. They are focused on the true meaning of Christmas, and not about what they can not afford to buy this year. It is a lesson many of us should study.

Our tree is up (finally), gifts are under it. I still am not quite ready, but getting closer. For today and tomorrow, all our daughters are in town. We had a good lunch today and then we split up for Christmas shopping. There is still a huge pile in my bedroom to wrap. I did a big part of my shopping with no kids and it was wonderful!!! Tomorrow we will have a Christmas with all the girls, then Thursday a Christmas Eve celebration with JD's side of the family, followed by a candlelight communion service at our church. Then on Friday, my family is coming up for Christmas. Three family Christmas celebrations in a row, all involving food. Wonderful!!

We have been moving slowly the last few days due to sinus infections. Not fun at anytime of the year, but worse yet when you have baking, cleaning, painting, sewing and shopping to do.

Sunday night the church had their Christmas program. It was very good. The story centered around the kids trying to decide what to do for their program. To help them decide, they watched videos clips of older programs--so we got to see some clips from 10 years ago--it was interesting and fun to watch the kids grow up during evening on video. Our minister and his daughter wrote the play and did an excellent job of it.

This week we have taken a break from our formal schooling, although the girls have been raking in some home-ec hours with their baking and sewing projects. I will post some pictures later in the week of some of their sewing projects, but since they are gifts, I can't post them now or the cat will be out of the bag.

Our new calves are doing well, and we are still awaiting the birth of the remaining ones--hopefully before next week when some are being sold.

I did get our upstairs office painted. I had hoped to also have the living room done before Christmas, but this sinus thing I have been fighting got the best of me. In fact 2 days I didn't even get out of bed until after noon. I think I am on the mend now, hopefully.

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