Thursday, December 31, 2009

A good Christmas

We had a great Christmas. It was the first time in several years that we had all the kids at the house at the same time! We have had them in town at the same time before, but it has not worked out to have everyone under the same roof at the same time. It was wonderful. Taylor took the little girls shopping before Christmas, and Tysa took them shopping after Christmas. We had a beautiful white Christmas. Snow and sleet started on Christmas Eve, and we have had some daily since. Several days ago it was measuring 11 inches in the front yard and 17 inches in the back. Some has melted (it got up to 42 degrees once day, but not for long), but new snow has replaced what we lost.

One of our Christmas get togethers got snowed out, so we still have one to go with my family.

The girls have played in the snow, and gone sledding, we have been stuck in the snow, pulled out and even had one kind stranger with a CASE backhoe dig out the end of our driveway. Whomever you were, thank you!!! Tomorrow I think we are going to make some snow candy or snow cream.

All 5 of our Christmas calves are doing well. The little white one blends right in with the snow.

On the homeschooling front, we have taken a break for the past 8 days. We have done some reading, home-ec and history, but have taken a break on our other subjects. We will start back on it this coming week.

Even though the Christmas holiday is over, I pray everyone keeps the Christmas spirit in their hearts year long, and remembers that Jesus is the true reason for the season.

Everyone have a happy and safe New Years.

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