Wednesday, December 16, 2009

couple #1, couple #2 and couple #3

We had another calf born today, as well as one on Sunday right before we left for church. That leaves us with 3 on the ground and we think 3 more yet to calve. Newborn calves are cute. Evidently coyotes must think they are cute too, because we had one eye balling them earlier today. Elizabeth ran outside and it took off.

We are getting ready to sell part of our herd probably next week, so this is a great time to calve. Everyone that is born to a momma we were selling is more money. (I think I hear a new dishwasher calling my name.) We intend to build back up the herd we keep, mainly Angus, and we have already had 2 added to it.

Sunday afternoon I took the girls and 2 of their friends ice staking in St Joseph. They all had a really good time.

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