Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It is only Tuesday, and we have almost 20 hours of school in for this week. Sunday we got in hours for reading, Bible and math. Yesterday math, reading and social studies/geography and reading. Today, we have done math, computer skills, spelling, PE, social studies/geography, reading and reading comp as well as journals.

We went to the library this morning, and the girls all played computer games for an hour. I count that as computer skills as it is a fun way to learn where the keys are on the keyboard. They also all checked out some books. For PE they rode horses in the arena tonight for about an hour.

Some of our subjects do "double duty". If, for example, we are reading a non-fiction book, we may count that as history instead of reading. All of our reading comprehensions are factual stories. Sometimes we read about science, or history or as in today about the planet Saturn. Our spelling words this week came from today's reading comprehension page.

One of the advantages of homeschooling year around is that we go for shorter periods each day. We also have the flexibility to take a day off or have a short day if something comes up.

Tonight the girls helped fix taco's for supper and Rebecca made brownies for desert. When they help cook that goes toward home-ec time, as well as cleaning and laundry. When I lived in a college dorm I couldn't believe how many girls couldn't cook or wash their own laundry. You won't be able to say that about my girls!!

This afternoon Emily got come eggs from our chickens going in our incubator. Hopefully in 21 days we will have hatched some baby chicks. Our hens have been molting, so our egg production is way down from usual.

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