Monday, August 10, 2009

Cool time at Cool Crest

Friday we took the gang to Cool Crest in Independence MO. It was an event sponsered by JD's employer. For 4 hours we had unlimited mini golf and go carting. They also fed us pizza and gave each person 30 tokens for the arcade. The kids loved it. It was hot out, so on the way home we stopped for ice cream.

All week we had this debate as to who was going to win in the go cart race. I am happy to announce I beat JD once, and he beat me once. Of course, he won't say I beat him, just that I was ahead of him.....

JD got my new chicken coop moved last night-right before the storm hit. I plan on keeping new chickens in it. We have some eggs now that we are getting ready to put into the incubator, once it reaches the proper temperture.

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Anonymous said...

looks like the kids really had fun - they all look quite happy!!!