Monday, August 10, 2009

Math Bingo

We have played a lot of multiplication bingo this week. We use coins for markers. At the end of the game the kids get to keep their markers--it keeps them motivated to answer and to want to keep playing. I made our game--it was simple to do. On the BINGO cards, I wrote numbers that are in the multiplication tables. Ten I "draw" the math facts. If I read 4 x 5, the kids have to look at their cards and see if they have a 20. If so, they cover their 20 with a marker (penny, dime or nickle). We usually play blackout, which is until the entire is full. I count this time as math review--usually a game with 3-5 players will take 30 minutes or so. If they don't know the answer, I say it the 2nd time I read the math fact.

I covered our cards in clear contact paper to help them to last longer. You could also do the same for addition facts.

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