Monday, May 18, 2009

Busy Season for Graduates

Saturday the girls and I attended a graduation at our homeschool coop in Kearney of 6 homeschooling seniors. It was a very nice ceremony. Since there were only 6, each graduate was able to share a talent. We had singing, guitar playing and more. They were a very talented group.

Later the coop will be having another graduation for the 8th graders.

Sunday following church, we attended the graduation of a young man who attends our church. He and his family were some of the ones who had helped us earlier in the year to butcher our steer. He had been homeschooled, and then attended his local high school for his senior year. Often times homeschoolers do this for access to more scholarships.

Sunday evening we went to KS for a wedding of our former ministers son. We have 2 more graduations later this week and a couple of graduation parties.

As for now, it is time for me to head out to the garden and do some more work in it.

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