Saturday, April 25, 2009

We tried....

We went to the KS Speedway. We caught the last of the qualifying for tomorrows race and the first 50 laps of today's race. Then the rain hit, followed by a tornado warning. We went into one of the womens restrooms for shelter--along with about 200 other people-men and women (yes men, much to my daughters horror...). The kids were all disappointed, especially my nephew who had never been before. The race has been rescheduled for Monday morning. We will wait and see what happens with tomorrows race.

While we were taking shelter at the KS speedway, our home county back in MO was also getting tornado warnings. Then we came home and had another warning. According to the radar, we may get hit again within the hour, so will stay up until then in case we need to take shelter in the basement.

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