Sunday, January 16, 2011

state studies

As part of our schooling, we have studied all 50 states. We go back through them about every 18 months or 2 years. Most of our state curriculum I have obtained for free, by filling out the states online form from their visitors bureau. The offices then send you by snail mail, a state map, and all sorts of photos and brochures explaining the various attractions, historical landmarks and any state or national parks.

We also supplement that by free state videos from the public library and various books we check out. I also have a stack of worksheets that the girls fill in as we study the states. They have to research to find the answers. Questions to fill out are population, capital location, famous landmarks, famous people from that state, any presidents from that state, state and national parks, largest cities, state symbol, song, bird...., industry, weather patterns, drawing a map of the state showing mountains, rivers and such....By the time they are finished, they have about 25 pages about that state that we make into a book.

Lately we have been working on Alaska, and have been watching Sarah Palin's show as part of our lessons. On the show we have seen her fish, camp, climb mountains, hunt wild game, cross glaciers, visit sled dogs, observe bears and more.

Yesterday, I was looking for some more info on line, and came across a new blog that I thought was so cool, I wanted to share. is very educational and interesting! The mom who writes the blog lives in the Alaska bush with her 2 sons and husband. They are also a homeschooling family. In her blog she shares her adventures, recipes and more. Check it out, its a good one!

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